iBasso D42

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iBasso D42 Mamba
USB-DAC/Headphone AMP

The D42 is a refinement of the well received D4. While we keep the AMP section exactly same as the original D4, we improved the DAC section by using better components. The enclosure is very different to the D4's. It is a well made enclosure with hairline finish.

Main features:
- Dual Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip
- TI PCM2706 for USB signal input, provides I2S interface for decoding
- Works as a DAC+AMP Combo, a standalone AMP, or a standalone DAC (Line out function)
- 2-Setting Gain Switch
- OPAMP rollable
- AMP section can be powered by either USB or 9V battery
- Measures 60*20*92mm, and weighs 102g
- Comes with 3.5 to 3.5 interconnect cable, pouch, USB cable, and OTG cable.

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