iBasso DB2

iBasso DB2 Boomslang2

Portable Balanced 24Bit/192kHz DAC

Main features:
- Dull WM8740 +CS8416 +TAS1020B
- Takes USB input (up to 24Bit/96kHz), optical and coaxial inputs (up to 24Bit/192kHz)
- -110dB SN and -101dB Crosstalk
- Separated battery power supplies for analog section and digital section
- Low pass filter rollable.
- 4-layer gold plated PCB, with high grade components
- Provide Balanced and Unbalanced (3.5mm) line out
- Up to 13.5hours play time
- Measures 55*24*100mm, and weighs 171g
- Comes with AC adapter, leather pouch, USB cable, optical cable, 3.5 to 3.5 interconnect, rubber feet, and two extra OPAMPs (LPF).

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