iBasso P4

Main Features:

- ThreeChannel/ Four Channel compatible architecture

- Totally 8 gold-plated DIP sockets for OPAMPs and Buffers rolling

- 2-Setting Gain Jumper for impedance matching

- Powered by 12.6V Li-polymer battery pack, or external 16V power adapter

- 40 hours play time with stock opamps (TLE2141 Class A*2, BUF634U*2, dummy adapter*2)

- High output power, 600mW+600mW into 32Ω

- High quality components, such as, gold plated PCB, ALPS volume pot, Nichicon cap, Vishay resistors, Switchcraft jacks.

- Measures 55*24*92mm, and weighs 156g

- Comes with power adapter, leather pouch, rubber feet, connection cable, warranty card, and opamp rolling kit. (includes AD797*2, OPA604*2, TLE2141 Class A*2, BUF634P WB*2, BUF634U*2, Transistor BUF*2, Dummy adapter*4)

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